City Kitchen – Luke’s – So Good I Forgot to Take a Picture Before I Ate It But…

City Kitchen – Luke’s – So Good I Forgot to Take a Picture Before I Ate It But…

lukes lobster

City Kitchen opened on March 5, 2015 and it’s opening created buzz from the start. Not only is it an upscale food court, but its in Times Square! With nine vendors jam-packed into this one place, you’re bound to find one good option.

So I tried Luke’s.

I took a picture, but from all the excitement I had pent-up and the enjoyment I had once I got their Crab Roll in my hands, I could not put it down for a minute. Suffice it to say, it was everything Luke’s said it would be, it was succulent buttery crab that left you wanting more – and this is coming from someone who typically does not like anything buttery. Much more, because the whole sandwich was about the size of a hot dog on a bun. And not the bun size kind. I got it with water, a pickle and chips and felt cheated out of $16 when I saw how small the roll actually was. As you can see, I had already eaten the sandwich and pickle before taking this marvelous picture.

luke's crab roll and chips

Luke’s did deliver on its promise, but it left me wanting so much more. Not another $13 roll (without the extras)

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