Lady Gaga, I Love You. And Why It Is Ok to Be Weird

Lady Gaga, I Love You. And Why It Is Ok to Be Weird

My love for Lady Gaga started at a very uncertain time in my life. I’d say circa 2008 after her career blew up. I loved her for a different reason than most people. Sure, her music is catchy.

But I love Lady Gaga because she is certifiably weird. There may have been some weirdos in the past who she took from (I plead ignorance all the way) but no one else seems to own their weirdness like Lady Gaga does.

Too many people and artists seem to make music that fit mainstream norms and ideas and I feel that Lady Gaga totally went against that shit. Although, she certainly had a good amount of support along the way. Weirdos stick together 😛

Before someone is offended by my usage of the word weird. I used to be offended when people would call me weird, but I learned to own it. Ignorant people call things weird when they do not understand them. So when someone calls you weird, consider yourself a complex human being. Instead of considering yourself abnormal like those fuckers are trying to make you think.

I will not talk much about Gaga’s albums because this would turn into a very long post but my current favorite song of hers is Venus from ArtPop. Not many people seemed to like Gaga’s album ArtPop and I can understand why. But this song in particular, whenever I listen to it, makes me feel like an ultimate queen and even when I’m in public makes me want to break out dancing.

So give Gaga a break. Fly your freak flag. Have some fun jamming to Venus and dancing along 🙂

Lady Gaga’s Art Pop Cover And Venus Via Spotify

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