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The Gaff Blog would love to collaborate with you!

Here on the Gaff Blog, I love to inspire an environment of inclusiveness.

A blog with a humble but growing following, I would love to team up with anyone looking for some more views on their blog, or someone looking to share their art, music, or anything visual or written with the world.

If you’re looking for an opportunity like such, do not hesitate to send a submission or an idea my way!

Submissions are best sent by email to: 


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14 thoughts on “Ideas and Submissions

  1. You do fabulous work, you writing draws me in, emotionally engaging me for a 1st person pov walk about in your shoes. “A letter to some one I love: The things I never said” Feels it was written for me. The adrenaline surge I had when I first read it was like nothing else.

    Okay so I want to comment or post an article (with your approval + proof read) but Im nervous bout how to start and have it be professional. Some pointers would be much appreciated.

    Keep to it I Believe you can write a screenplay!


    1. Hey Devin,

      My apologies for not responding sooner. I have been away from my page for a while now dealing with some personal issues.

      It makes me feel great to know someone enjoyed my writing. I put my heart and soul into everything I write. Its funny you say you think I could write a screenplay because I’ve been thinking about doing that for a while. My dream is to write and maybe even direct my own films. I love doing any kind of creative work.

      Trying to make creative work my life and its been difficult but I’m determined. Thank you for your words. They mean a lot more than you know.


    2. To respond to your comment more directly, I would say just start with whatever your thoughts are and go from there. If you would like to email me or message me on Twitter, either one is fine. My twitter is @lilmonstahh23 that would be better for messaging so we can go over the content.


  2. Window Closed…
    He doesn’t know where to start. Blind, distracted, just plain stupid more like it.
    Post after post after post. Naw it can’t be. Wtf? Okay, now I gotta be tripping. Reads yoshi T-shirt 2Ds. Heart begins racing, stomach turns, palms sweating, trembling all over. Okay I’ll text…nothing. as I’m dialing text comes in “Q Dustin knows your dead!” She answers
    “ we’re done, finished stop calling and texting me. It’s over” But what about that text? “What text?” Q Dustin knows your dead? Doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

    If he gunna impersonate text messages who knows what else is not really real.

    Can we still start again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Devin,

      If you would like to expand upon this I would love to work with you and have you make a submission for the Gaff Blog, please write more and email with a title for this at:

      The only thing I ask is no text abbreviations if you plan to submit a longer one. I like to keep the style of writing on here standard so that anyone can read it and everything is straight forward.

      Otherwise, I love how this starts and would love to see this story fleshed out. I’m very happy you saw my post about submissions and have responded. Very stoked to have someone who is interested.

      I plan to write more for the blog as well so stay tuned!


      1. I’m sorry I can’t. I’d love to really, but it’s too hard for me to believe that it’s you and or your blog. Everything else in my life isn’t real, and I just don’t know if I’d be really writing to you or someone else. I just don’t know if your responses are that of your own or someone else’s pretending to be you.


      2. It means exactly how I said It. I don’t know if it’s really you responding back to my comments or someone else impersonating you. For the past 3yrs I have had a hacker impersonating texts from various people, consistently harassing me and trying to frame me for various different things. So when I say I don’t know if it’s really you or not that’s, it’s exactly a I say it.
        Now I would love to post articles to your blog and tell you my story. When I first started reading the articles in your blog things seamed oddly familiar to someone I know or used to. Then I got to the article “A letter to the person I love, everything I never told you” and I was almost certain that article was meant for myself, because when I got to the part when you stated you are no longer afraid to show our nerdy side, to wear your yoshi T-shirt, and play your 2DS. I almost damn near went into shock. I fell apart in a way, because I had that exact thing told to me directly from someone that I believe to be you. I believe that Nicole is an alias to protect your true identity B.L.M. That person is the woman I fell in love with and still am today.
        I want to believe your blog is real and not some made up mind fuck intentionally here to further fuck with me. I want to, I do, I just can’t. For my life has been hacked so extensively that conversation I have ever had on or around any type of phone has been used against me to further inflict more mental deprivation. I can’t even show real emotions in the privacy of my own home anymore without it being used against me. You may not understand, but believe me when I tell you nothing in my life is real. I can’t even be me without people turning around and fucking with me just for the fun of it, because they have nothing better to do. I want to talk to you, to tell you my story hoping you are who I think you are. But I cannot. You say no pressure but that’s kinda like a comic tragedy because in the back of my mind I’m thinking to myself am I really going to pass up the opportunity to have a discussion with the person I love? But I have to, because I cannot let my guard down. What puts me on the edge as well is you said to go into further details of my story without any text abrevations. It makes me think it’s a setup, a trap. Because Anyone can access your blog and read it. No jurisdiction here. That’s why I cannot tell my story in detail, not without abrevated texts, and vague references about what has occurred in my life. I would love want to tell him you my story I just can’t. I’m sorry and hope you have an understanding as why.


      3. I understand what you’re saying and I’m very sorry to hear what happened.
        Nicole is definitely my name, not an alias. The reference to the Yoshi shirt and 2ds are gifts that an ex got me in the past.

        If you wanna chat through Twitter I’m @lilmonstahh23 on there. Feel free to directly message on there. I can’t prove I’m myself online when you don’t know me yet.


      4. I made a Twitter account awhile back with intentions on making contact with you. The reason you never had a message from me there is cuz I couldn’t find a way to message you without tweeting to your feed in which case anyone could read. I’ve never used twitter before so I’m unfamiliar with its functionality.


      5. The article titled “To the one I love(Not for children ). At the very bottom you called someone a 💩 🐥. May I ask just exactly was that about? To get someone’s attention, to open their eyes?
        I’ve only had one person call me a shit bird before. Once again I believe that article was meant for me.


      6. I’m sorry for being so insinuating, it’s just there’s too much resemblance in your articles to someone I know. Down to your dream of writing screenplays.
        Idk maybe I just long for you to be her.
        I am trying to create a Twitter account, the verification code it sends me to create an account won’t work, so Idk, I’ll keep trying.


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