Trailer – The Emperor’s New Clothes by Russell Brand and Director Michael Winterbottom – Studio Canal

Just saw the trailer for Russell Brand’s film The Emperor’s New Clothes. If it doesn’t scream pissed the fuck off I don’t know what will.

Although Brand is definitely not poor now, he allegedly had a very difficult childhood. When he was six months old, his parents separated and was left to his mother’s family when she later developed breast cancer. It’s not a leap to assume that he dealt with a fair share of struggle in his own life before the radio shows, comedy specials, money and scandals.

One thing I did not realize about the UK before seeing this trailer was that it is just as fucked up and corrupt as America. Why are the rich getting richer while everyone else struggles? One theory that this documentary asserts: the rich have kept a blanket over our eyes, for far too long.

Did the bankers pay back their huge bonuses, no they carried on making more money – Brand

Make a Difference


Watch this trailer for me new film with Michael Winterbottom on what we should bloody do

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) March 28, 2015

**The film opens nationwide in the UK April 21. No international release revealed as of this posting**