Stuck in Limbo Twin Flame

Page from Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’

How do I feel about you?

I feel really stuck in time with you. As much as I act like I’m over what you did, I’m not. I find no reason to lie anymore.

You said a lot of hurtful things about me that I AM NOT obligated to forgive. And I don’t care how attractive you are, or what power you think you have over me. You know exactly what you’re doing. You can act dumb all you want. I don’t sit around waiting for anyone. I’m so tired of men like you who think you can reintroduce themselves in the life of a woman when you see her at peace.

You have been an emotional vampire to me for far too long and I know that’s my responsibility to fix and withdraw my energy.

I don’t try too hard. I’m not too nice either. You being mistreated in the past is not my responsibility to fix. So you treating me like garbage because of how you were treated in the past, says far more about you than it does about me.

I have what you lack. And maybe that’s why you can’t accept me. But I’ll boast regardless.

I don’t need to mistreat anyone to prove my power or worth. I am compassionate and kind. I am strong, strategic, and I don’t need to hide my strengths or wear a false face to get anyone’s attention on me.

It took me some time to realize how I feel because, believe it or not, I am very detached from my emotions. However, I am trying harder to allow myself the space to feel how I feel so I can be the authentic person I know that I am.

I am putting the love that I give away for free into me now.

Give me time and space.

As ridiculous + crazy as it sounds, I’ve always felt like I have known you for far longer than I actually have in this life. You’ve always felt like a twin flame for me.

Maybe in the next life, you’ll treat me better.

Bye Twin! See you in the next life ❤


Nicole ❤

Wake Up

Wake Up

Have you ever noticed that in the U.S they keep us in a constant state of fear?

How better to keep oppressed people down, than to report all the bad stuff happening every day rather than reporting the good stuff.

Trump only wants the news to report what he thinks he’s doing right.

This country had a dream once, but now,

America is turning into a toxic swamp land ruled by a leader who does not care about this land or our people. He cares about views and being talked about.

He cares about making himself and his team look like winners, until someone steps out of line. Then they’re losers.

This land is my land and yours

How are you supporting someone who doesn’t give a shit about you?

Wake the fuck up

I’m awake

N. Oliva

Letters: Why didn’t I believe you

Letters: Why didn’t I believe you

Why don’t I believe people when they show me who they are?

Am I too stubborn? Or too sweet to function?

Because it’s taken me a while to figure out who I am but even then,

I know some people put up a front for so long and then snap when shit gets rough

I can’t say I’ve never had the same pattern however I will say:

I try to be as straight up and honest with people as I can

I might not say all of my feelings out loud

But I show them

Anyone that doesn’t know how I feel about them isn’t paying attention or just doesn’t care or maybe is even more stubborn

Or way more insecure than I’ll ever be

Idk why people think I’m insecure

Sure, I have my moments

But don’t project your insecurities or problems on me

She may be but little but this bitch is fierce

If you don’t know where that’s from

Please read more

Make America read again

How about that bitch

I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.

I speak my mind like I’m being paid for it. But when I want to

Not to fill the silence like other awkward people who can’t handle silence do

Silence is golden

If you can’t see the good in silence or in me, then you’re not paying attention long enough or caring enough

Or anywhere near close to good enough for me.

And I believe you now

N. Oliva