Inside Out (2015) A Film Where Emotions are the Stars – Pixar – Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen

Inside Out (2015) A Film Where Emotions are the Stars – Pixar – Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen

So, I’ve always personally loved Pixar films. Who doesn’t love good animation?

Pixar, so far has not made a bad film, and they’re not about to start.

I’ll admit when I first saw the initial trailer for Inside Out, I liked it, however, I thought it was just a dash bit too corny.

Don’t crucify me just yet. From beginning to end of the film, I was blown awaaayy.

Not only is the film about the inner workings of our brain, but the animated protagonist is a girl!

Thank you Pixar!

Riley Anderson (Kaitlyn Dias), a girl who loves goofing off with her family and playing hockey is a joy to watch throughout the film.

And that’s not even the best part! **Spoiler Alert**

The film starts from her first memory.

Riley is a baby at home with her parents.

We see the inner workings of Riley’s life and some of her life events played out through her memories and the personified emotions inside her head which seem to decide her outcome for every interaction based on her emotion that takes over.

The emotions are the stars of the film. But Riley is still the true protagonist for me. It is her life, but the emotions control it, which is majority of what we see: her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness and how their decisions affect her life when she moves from her home in Minnesota to San Francisco, California. Unfortunately for her, San Fran has broccoli pizza and not any back yard or lake! (You’ll get it when you see it, and yes you will probably see it :P)

Inside Out by Pixar animation studios Directed by
Inside Out by Pixar animation studios Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen.  **The Gaff Blog does not own this image**

Joy (Amy Poehler) is personified as a yellow, happy-as-can-be character with some lovely cerulean hair. Fear (Bill Hader) is an interesting lavender hue, and stops Riley in her tracks when danger arrives. Disgust (Mindy Kaling), is a green toned girl who, amongst other things, stops her from eating the dreaded broccoli. Anger, is as red and angry as can be. He is played by the king of anger: Lewis Black. If you don’t like Pixar, or animated films for whatever reason, go for Lewis Black. Lastly, Sadness (Phyllis Smith), the one no one seems to want, but we all learn that we need sometimes — is blue and while she is mostly given dialogue destined for the butt of a joke, she changes Riley’s life in an unexpected way. You may argue that there are more emotions than these in people’s lives, but I can argue that they all stem from the ones presented. All of Riley’s memories are shown arriving into her brain in a marble-like ball through long tubes and are color coated by each emotion.

As the film progresses, Sadness keeps transforming Riley’s most important memories (called “core memories”) into sad blue ones. Joy has been throughout Riley’s life consistently (Joy has been there in her head and within her life and relationships). Riley has loving parents, a good amount of friends and plays on a hockey team that involves both. Who wouldn’t be filled with joy? Joy wants to stay in Riley’s life, but things change.

Joy becomes lost and Riley is overcome with fear, anger and disgust when a big move happens. Literally Riley’s whole personality is destroyed. The characters Joy and Sadness become lost inside Riley’s head because of a freak accident. The tubes that send Riley’s memories for the day into the area of her brain with her long-term memory end up taking Joy and Sadness up and as a result they must find their way back to their main headquarters.

This freak accident coincides with the big move that Riley’s family makes, which seemingly could not happen at a worse time. Riley is unsure of herself and her new classmates on her first day and is overcome with sadness when Sadness touches her core memories and makes Riley realize she will not do these things again in San Francisco. Sadness transforms Riley’s memories (the one’s shown, which Riley cries over) of ice skating the first time on the lake with her dad, playing hockey with her friends, etc. Instead of remaining joyful memories, they become sad ones, and Riley is filled with grief. Joy takes the wheel, and in a panic to stop Sadness from wrecking Riley’s core memories goes up into the tube along with Sadness.

The journey back into headquarters is a long and colorful one. Even more colorful than the emotions controlling Riley’s reactions.

Wish to see a refreshing and funny film, that is deep and filled with some learning but also fun?

Make your life easy and go see Inside Out!

Your life can’t get any worse by seeing the movie, you might have already gone through puberty unlike Riley 😛

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Cinderella Directed by Kenneth Branagh – Or Cinder-Ella, As I Will Forever Now Think

Cinderella Directed by Kenneth Branagh – Or Cinder-Ella, As I Will Forever Now Think

Before you read **spoiler alert** the plot and character info for Cinderella will certainly be divulged here** 😛

I know the first thing you have to say, or one of the first things.

What is the difference between this version of Cinderella and the animated one?

Well to start, it is live action. But that is only the most obvious difference visually. Otherwise, there are many great differences between the two.

1. First, or second, however you’re keeping count, the character development in this film is farrr greater than the animated version. Not only does the film start from Cinderella’s childhood, but we meet Cinderella’s mother and father (for more than a minute – Yayyyyy!) as well as her horrible step mother and step sisters. In addition to this, this film makes it a point to correct a misconception: Cinderella is a nickname, her name is actually Ella. Ella’s bratty step sisters come up with this clever but cruel nickname after Ella falls asleep in front of the fireplace and wakes up with ashes on her face the morning after. Get it? CinderElla? I don’t like it either after knowing what it resulted from, but I guess her and Disney stuck with it.

2. Kenneth Branagh’s version of Cinderella focused way more on people than mice, so kudos to him and Chris Weitz (writer of the screenplay) for that at least!

While I loved the animated version of Cinderella, it seems many people, especially the makers of CinemaSins, were not fond of the usage of the mice in the animated Disney version.


Branagh fully fleshes out the evil step mother and it could be said that he redeems her character slightly when he reveals the cause of her wicked ways. As cliche as it is, before marrying Ella’s dad and making Ella her personal slave, she lost the love of her life, thus she became cruel and bitter.

3. The Stepmother or Lady Tremaine, has a personality and is not just in bed all day! Yay!

In every scene that Lady Tremaine is in, she has the best clothes on. Click the picture if you dare:

Lady Tremaine Costumes Cinderella 2015,
Lady Tremaine Costumes Cinderella 2015, Kenneth Branagh. Credit to Disney

Yes, all of that is completely necessary lol. As a lover of clothes, it was sometimes hard to hate the step mother especially when she is played by the lovely Cate Blanchett. But then she opens her mouth again. Although Tremaine never lays a hand directly on Ella, she is extremely emotionally abusive towards Ella and treats her as subhuman, if that. She mentions time and time again how Ella is nothing more than a servant girl, and every time she says it, it has more of an impact on Ella’s self-worth.

4. The Step Sisters are much more snobby than in the animated version

This may not be considered a difference to some, but this film totally made me hate these girls on a personal level. It has nothing to do with how they dress, their taste in clothing (although garish), or how they look. What is actually bad, is although their dad has apparently died, they do not show any grief whatsoever. Not only that, but they ask their new step dad to bring them back lavish gifts from his excursion (whilst Ella asks for a sentimental gift of him simply returning). Normally this would not piss me off, yes some people are simple and others not. However, when the news is brought to Ella and the household that her dad has passed away from illness on his trip, Anastasia or Drizella, (I cannot remember which one, nor do I care) asks, “what about my lace?”  I apologize to anyone for the curse words about to grace this page but:


That’s where I’ll end the discussion of those girls.

5. Prince Charming is Charming Instead of Dull

Unlike the animated version, Prince Charming is not bored at his own ball before Ella arrives. However, he looks thoroughly insulted when Princess Chelina of Zaragos calls his kingdom small. Doesn’t she know not to call anything a man has small? Just kidding. You go girl. Someone had to say it lol. This princess had the guts and the gall. I’m not even mad 😛

Last but not least:

6. The Ball, Everything Leading Up to it and Happily Ever After

The details of how Ella gets to the ball and how she is dressed are pretty much the same except the live action blue dress is even more enchanting:

Cinderella's Dress to the Ball
Cinderella’s Dress to the Ball

Besides my enhanced love for her dress, and the fact that her Fairy God Mother is played by Helena Bonham Carter, the differences between this version and past ones could be considered small. A hint of the Grimm’s Brother’s Aschenputtel (German Cinderella) is present when we first see the fairy godmother. She first appears as if she grew into a really dry and brown tree. She is hunched over with her head facing downward until Ella requires her assistance. In their first meeting, the Fairy Godmother asks for some milk and Ella appeases her request as if someone randomly appearing by her door is a normal occurrence. Oh Disney.

  • There are less bippity-boppity-boo’s. I recall only one. Maximum two.
  • Each transformation of an animal/object makes sense unlike the animated film where a horse becomes the stage-coach driver instead of just being a horse… lol
  • While Miss Fairy Godmother totally destroys Ella’s glass garden house with a pumpkin, the glass and pumpkin combine to make the most breathtaking carriage anyone has laid eyes on. The combination of glass and gold is stunning to say the least
Cinderella's Carriage - Disney 2015
Cinderella’s Carriage – Disney 2015

The Prince reunites with Ella at the ball  (he changed the invitation list to his ball after their initial meeting in the woods, mostly so a non-royal, i.e. Ella, could attend) but still somehow forgets to ask her name before the clock strikes 12 *facepalm* Disney, do people really do this? But I digress…

We all know Ella drops one of her glass slippers while running down the steps to her carriage. The time it takes her to get to her carriage and half way home seems like the longest minute of my life. I thought the spell broke at 12 Disney, not at 12:01. But I forgive Disney even though technically they could have stretched their logic even further to allow Ella to make it home dry from the ball. Instead, she walks the rest of the way home in the rain.

Cinderella still gets Prince Charming in the end, even after the deal Lady Tremaine makes with the Grand Duke. Cindy has the pipes that force everyone to listen: when she sings, she makes people swoon. Gus Gus gets Ella’s attic window open just in time for the prince’s helpers to hear Cindy sing her song. The Prince orders Lady Tremaine to let the girl -he still does not know her name- out of the attic.

And they do live happily ever after, but it’s so much better than that

See it for yourself 🙂

***All credit for images shown here go to either Disney or elsewhere that they originate from. I do not own anything except for the opinions expressed here***